International Security Cluster Events

The International Security Cluster regularly organizes events with academics and policy-makers on a variety of issues related to International Security.

If you are interested in joining the mailing list for invitations for future events, please contact Anamaria Bascin at or +32 2 614 80 40.


Latest events of the International Security Cluster

19 November 2019 Deterrence in an Era of Great Power Competition: Views from Europe and East Asia Roundtable
18 November 2019 The State, the Firm and Europe: Defence Industrial Cooperation in the European Union Book Presentation
7 November 2019 The Russian understanding of war: Blurring the lines between peace and practice Book Presentation
29 October 2019 Trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific dialogue: Alliances at crossroads Conference
1 October 2019 The Korean Peninsula in flux: Nuclear weapons, trade, peace Panel Discussion
July 2019 SNU in the EU Summer Course
June 2019 Brussels Programme on European Foreign Policy Summer Course
23 May 2019 Belgian Defence Debate Debate
27 February 2019 EL-CSID Final Conference Conference
22 February 2019 The Drone Age: Issues, actors, and perspectives Conference  
22 February 2019 Northeast Asia’s Security Environment: Focus on the Rule of Law and Regional Order Seminar
23 January 2019 Where do we stand in inter-Korean relations and with North Korea? Breakfast roundtable
11 January 2019 Great Power Competition is in the Eye of the Beholder Closed-door debate
7 November 2018 EU-ROK relations: Putting the strategic partnership to work Launch event
24 October 2018 Transatlantic and Transpacific Alliances: Deterrence and Engagement in the Korean Peninsula Conference
14 June 2018 Towards Peace in the Korean Peninsula? Assessing a Spring of Summit Seminar
13 June 2018 Assessing the Moon Administration One Year On Roundtable
12 June 2018 Korea-EU Relations at 55: Leveraging ASEM in Uncertain Times Conference
12 June 2018 Spring of diplomacy in the Korean Peninsula Roundtable
31 May 2018 Competitive Strategies for Combatting Political Warfare Panel
14-15 May 2018 Diplomacy and Development: Trends and Challenges for Europe and Its Partners Workshop
12 March - 25 April 2018 Masterclass Middle East: Geopolitics in Europe's Neighbourhood Masterclass
14 March 2018

Globalism, Populism and the Limits of Global Economic Governance: Research Seminar by Dr. Richard Higgott

Research Seminar
13 February 2018 EU-Korea relations in a world of flux Breakfast roundtable
18 January 2018 EU policies towards Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey in the light of the Mediterranean migration crisis. Reflections on cooperation and institutional practices – and research strategies: Guest lecture by Dr. Peter Seeberg Guest lecture
6-10 December 2017 The EU and the Arab World: Current Challenges for Cooperation International Conference
6 December 2017 The State, The Firm And Europe: Disentangling The Politics Of The European Defence Technological And Industrial Base PhD Defence
28 November 2017 Japan-EU cooperation in the era of international order transformation: In search of a stable word system 20th EU-Japan Conference
21 November - 5 December 2017 Evening lecture series on international diplomacy with Ambassador Johan Verbeke Guest lecture series
17 - 18 October 2017 Launch of the VUB - KF Korea Chair 3rd EU - Korea Forum
9 October 2017 Satellite mosques in Europe - guest lecture by Prof. Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen Guest lecture
19 April - 24 May 2017 New approaches to diplomacy Guest lecture series
16 December 2016 Beyond Rebels and Gorillas: The Multi-Scalar Politics of Conservation and Conflict in the Virunga National Park, DR Congo PhD Defence
1 December 2016 A Science Diplomacy approach for Belgium?! Seminar
22 November 2016 Tracking NATO's revival: From Warsaw to Brussels Conference
28 January 2016 Europe-Japan Relations: Shaping the Future Event
6 January 2016 Burden Sharing: Defence Spending in Times of Austerity Conference
16 December 2015 Lecture with Ambassador Alison Rose on "The UK and EU Reform" Guest lecture
  Europe and the United States' "Third Offset Strategy" Expert roundtable
15 July 2015 Milestone or Maelstrom? European Defence and the 2015 Summit Expert roundtable
4 March 2015 Prospects for EU-Japan Relations Panel discussion
17 December 2014 The Global Arms Industry: New Data, Trends and Global Developments Launch event
12 December 2014 "The Agreement" with Robert Cooper Film screening
10 October - 10 December 2014 The Future of European Geostrategy Lecture series
25 November 2014 Brussels-Seoul Security Forum Conference
1 July 2014 R.I.P. CSDP? European Defence After the Crimea - virtual roundtable with Jolyon Howorth. Virtual roundtable
30 June 2014 The Wales Summit and the Future of NATO Workshop
8 April 2014 Europe, Japan and Asian Security - conference in partnership with the Japanese MFA. Conference
13 February 2014 Future Airpower: Benelux Air Cooperation in a European Context  Policy Forum