Implications of the Paris Climate Agreement for the EU

The IES contributed through several activities in January to exploring the implications of the climate agreement adopted on 12 December 2015 in Paris.

Sebastian Oberthür first addressed a conference on ‘Climate Change and European Foreign Policy after COP21’ co-organised by the EUISS, IDDRI (Paris) and adelphi (Berlin) in Paris on 13 January 2016. He specifically was part of a panel entitled ‘Mitigation – Assessing and building on COP21 outcomes’.

On 20 January, the IES hosted a keynote lecture on the implications of the Paris Agreement for the EU by Jos Delbeke, Director-General Climate Action of the European Commission.

Finally, the IES co-organised – as part of the EU Think Tank Platform Paris 2015 – an event at CEPS entitled ‘The COP21 outcome: what does it mean for the EU?’ on 22 January. Sebastian Oberthür represented the IES on the final panel of the Think Tank Platform. The members of the Platform will explore opportunities for continuing their cooperation towards future international climate negotiations.