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The European Economic Governance cluster conducts fundamental and policy-relevant research and provides education and academic services on economic law and policy and democratic governance.
In economic law and policy, our work spans trade, intellectual property, competition, taxation and fiscal policy, and the green economy, and specialises in the intersections between these fields. In terms of governance, the cluster focuses on political economy and democratic governance (better regulation and participation) in the context of the Internet and the EU’s role in shaping it. The cluster as a whole strives to reach across these fields, bringing richer and more comprehensive solutions for European (economic) governance to the fore.
The work in the EEG cluster can be framed along four intertwined lines of research:
  • Digital economy
  • The greening economy
  • Governance of the Internet and governance on the Internet
  • Governance of European economies and markets
Cutting across the above noted areas is the theoretical research theme of reconciling economic and non-economic values in fragmented, polycentric societies. The on-going contestation of Europe’s core values is scrutinized in selected areas of economic and non-economic law and policy. The interlinkages of values are investigated through the “dual prisms” of, e.g. environmental protection and trade, competition law and data protection, fiscal policy and state aid, copyright and culture in the Internet, as well as intellectual property rights and development policy.


Research Team

Post-doctoral researchers

Internet, democratic governance, ICTs
EU, US and international economic law, circular economy; biofuels, copyright and digital single market
International and EU taxation, taxation of the digital economy
Copyright, internet governance, democratic governance
Multistakeholderism and global (internet) governance, participation, EU ICT policy, multidisciplinarity

Project researchers

Eleanor Reyes Mateo Trade law (EU, WTO), circular economy and biofuels
Ólöf Söebech Sustainable lifestyles, environmental policy, citizen participation, biofuels

Doctoral researchers

Max Jansson Trade law (EU, US, WTO), public procurement, electricity & biofuels, state aid
Klaudia Majcher Competition law, data protection, intellectual property rights
Filip Sedefov Trade law (EU, WTO), renewable energy law, biofuels, state aid
Diana Potjomkina Multistakeholderism, EU External trade policy
Fausta Todhe Competition law (state aid), tax law

Associate researchers

Dr. Daniel Opoku Acquah  
Dave Anderson  
Dr. Karim Hamza  
Dr. Assimakis Komninos  
Prof. Dr. Kati Kulovesi  
Dr. Paolo Pasimeni  
Dr. Heiko Prange-Gstöhl  

Visiting researchers  

Marta Ottanelli  

Current Projects

ALL YOUTH, All youth want to rule their world Ferran Davesa
BFSJ, Constructing a legal and policy framework for the promotion and uptake of biofuels in aviation Harri Kalimo, Lea Mateo, Ólöf Söebech, Filip Sedefov
GIPO, Global Internet Policy Observatory Trisha Meyer, Jamal Shahin
GREMLIN, (Critically assessing) Global and REgional MuLtistakeholder INstitutions: the cases of internet governance and trade Trisha Meyer, Jamal Shahin, Ferran Davesa, Diana Potjomkina
PARENT, PARticipatory platform for sustainable ENergy managemenT Trisha Meyer, Ólöf Söebech, Jamal Shahin
rECOncile, Jean Monnet chair Harri Kalimo
SOURCE, Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security Florian Lang, Ólöf Söebech, Irina van der Vet

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