The IES will host for the next three years a new Jean Monnet Chair, as IES professor Harri Kalimo was nominated for the post on the theme of “rECOnciliation”.  rECOncile contributes to EU Studies in two intertwined policy areas that remain fundamental to the success of the Union: the internal market and the environment. Strategic initiatives in both fields have been re-launched by the Juncker Commission, and their futures are intriguingly intertwined, as the initiatives on e.g. a deeper and fairer Single Market, Circular Economy and renewable energy illustrate. The market activities are becoming greener, while green policies can be supported by an economic logic. The ensuing reconciliation of ECOnomic and ECOlogical values is therefore of vital importance.

IES as a successful Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has a strong record in high quality research and academic development on EU issues in a thoroughly inter-disciplinary manner. The Jean Monnet Chair recognizes and advances this excellence, in particular in the renowned post-graduate programmes in law (PILC, 44th year; evaluated “professional” by VLUHR 2014) and political science and economics (EuroMaster, 14th year). IES has a truly pioneering profile in blended learning. Prof Kalimo’s project will involve an international cross-section of doctoral, post-graduate and graduate students, and aims at advancing cutting-edge blended learning formats, strong inter-disciplinarity, inter-generationality and policy relevance.