IES on the Paradoxes of EU Border and Asylum Policy

Christof Roos and Giaccomo Orsini, Deterrence and Reception. The Paradoxes of the EU Border and Asylum Policy, Lecture for the Kring voor Internationale Betrekkingen, KU Leuven, October 5, 2015

At the opening session of the Kring voor Internationale Betrekkingen in Leuven, Giaccomo Orsini and Christof Roos gave a lecture on EU refugee and border policies. Due to the current refugee crisis the talk was well attended by students interested in international relations. The gist of the lecture and a forthcoming IES Policy Brief is that the EU’s response to the refugee crisis is determined by the underlying contradictions of EU bordering. While EU asylum law aims at refugee protection and reception, EU border policies often contradict this aim. External border control in third countries, strict requirements for visa and readmission agreements with countries of transit and origin run counter to effective refugee protection. These underlying contradictions and Member States’ different prioritisation of refugee reception or limitation on access help explain the EU’s divisive response to the refugee crisis.