Digital Single Market/ Dialogue on stimulating innovation through EU policy

Drawing on the Institute's work on the Digital Single Market, and particularly on a collection of research studies commissioned by DG CONNECT in the European Commission, Jamal Shahin represented the European Economic Governance Cluster as a moderator for a 'QED dialogue' panel on the Digital Single Market and innovation. During the session, Jamal highlighted the past debates on European information society policy, and noted, that despite policy pronouncements promoting the digital single market for many years, barriers are still evident. He claimed that the major challenge is to find out how the EU can translate policy into practice. One of the key issues to be addressed is innovation, and he raised the question: What role can innovation play in stimulating the digital single market? Other participants included Josef Weidenholzer, Member of the European Parliament; Peter Stuckmann, Executive Assistant to the Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission; Cornelia Kutterer, Digital Policy Director, EMEA, Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs; Noémie Papp, Policy Advisor, European Banking Federation; Dr Colin Blackman, Director of the CEPS Digital Forum; Per-Olof Gustafsson, Deputy CEO, Stokab.