The “new normal”? Impressions from our Policy Forum series on Chinese-EU economic relations on the field of sustainability

In collaboration with the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies and the EU-China Research Centre at the College of Europe, the Institute for European Studies is currently organising a series of events on Chinese-EU economic relations.

The idea behind the series is to debate “the new normal” in the relations between the two blocs. Given that sustainability is at the core of Europe’s economic policy, we focus on issues related to the concept of a green economy. The first Policy Forum of the series took place in December and discussed the differences and similarities between the EU’s and China’s approach to the promotion of renewables, while the second event shed light on Chinese investment activities in Europe’s energy sector. Discussions during both events pointed in a similar direction: the “new normal” in economic relations between both blocs can be seen, yet it is still not clear what form it will take. Our next event will thus look into China’s concept of a “New Silk Road”, and ask whether this can bring Chinese-EU relations to a new level.

Our past policy forums: