The EU in International Affairs Conference 2010

‘ The European Union in International Affairs 2010 '
A Garnet Conference

 Brussels, 22-24 April 2010

Guidelines for panels

Panels last 90 minutes in total, and comprise of three or four paper presentations. Powerpoint facilities are available in all rooms. A typical panel will start with the paper presentations, followed by the discussant’s contribution, and then the general question and answer session involving the audience. The chair’s responsibility is to ensure that time is maintained, and that the sessions are formally opened and closed. The discussant will provide feedback to the presenters, and help to stimulate debate amongst the audience.
Some guidelines for time-keeping:
1. Panels with three papers should devote a maximum of 15 minutes for each presentation.
2. In the case of panels where four papers are to be presented, presentations should not last longer than 12 minutes.
3. The discussant should take up to 15 minutes to outline their comments on all papers.