The European Union in International Affairs V

11 May 2016 09:00
13 May 2016 17:00







As the single major stopover of the academic conference circuit in Brussels, this multidisciplinary event represents the premium venue at which international studies scholars and policy practitioners debate the role of the EU in the turbulent realm of international affairs. The fifth edition will take place from Wednesday 11 May to Friday 13 May 2016, at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in Brussels.

Paper abstracts and/or panel proposals should relate to one (or more) of the following conference sections:

The EUIA conference provides a multidisciplinary forum for discussion and exchange of ideas amongst scholars engaged in understanding the role of the EU in the world. This broad theme encompasses the dynamic interplay between the EU, its member states and external partners.

The EUIA conference integrates ‘inside out, outside in’ perspectives covering different fields of policy and law. Paper abstracts and panel proposals that integrate empirical examples from various policy fields (mentioned above) focusing on ‘the EU in the world’ are encouraged.

The EUIA conference is open to all relevant disciplines and sub-disciplines. Through policy link panels, among others, it fosters exchange between the scientific and the policy communities.

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