Can I submit more than one abstract?

Yes. All participants are allowed to submit up to three abstracts. Should authors wish to withdraw one of their accepted contributions, it is imperative they do so before 1 March 2014. Late withdrawals of papers from the conference programme will be penalised at future editions of the EUIA Conference.

Are panel proposals allowed?

Sort of. All paper abstracts must be submitted individually and are subject to a triple blind review process. If you want to propose a full panel, please send a list of the submitted paper proposals by email to euia2014@ies.be. It should be noted that the organisers may amend the panel proposal in function of the review results.

What are the chances of my paper being accepted?

It depends. Past editions of EUIA were oversubscribed in the sense that we received many more paper proposals than we could fit into the programme. We expect this to be the case for the 2014 edition as well. This means that some of you may receive disappointing news concerning the abstract(s) you submitted. When evaluating your proposal, we ask our reviewers to take the following criteria into account:

  • "Fit" with the EUIA Conference theme as outlined in the Call for Papers
  • Novelty regarding theory, approach, method, or empirical findings
  • Scientific quality of the paper abstract

What are the fees for the conference?

Students, PhD researchers and civil society representatives pay 60 EUR when registering before 28 February 2014 (early bird rate) and 100 EUR afterwards.

Professors, postdoctoral researchers and other senior staff pay 160 EUR when registering before 28 February 2014 (early bird rate) and 200 EUR afterwards.

Conference fees include participation in the conference dinner, networking lunches and all conference paraphernalia. Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received. If you have to cancel the registration before 1 May 2014, participants receive a refund from which only an administrative fee of 40 EUR is withheld. In the event of late cancellation there will be no refund.

As the conference is co-financed by the European Commission's Jean Monnet programme, EU officials are exempted from paying a conference fee. To register as participant EU officials can send an email to euia2014@ies.be .

How can I apply for one of those Solidarity Grants?

We are able to award a limited number of Solidarity Grants to enable participation from presenting researchers based at institutions in developing countries. Individuals who fulfil these criteria should write a brief letter of motivation to euia2014@ies.be by 21 February. These 300 EUR grants will be awarded to the individuals after the conference has taken place.

What is the format of conference panels?

Panels last 90 minutes in total and comprise of three or four paper presentations. Powerpoint facilities are available in all rooms. A typical panel will start with the paper presentations, followed by the discussant’s contribution, and then the general question and answer session involving the audience. The chair’s responsibility is to ensure that time is maintained, and that the sessions are formally opened and closed. The discussant will provide feedback to the presenters, and help to stimulate debate amongst the audience.

Some guidelines for time-keeping:

  1. Panels with three papers should devote a maximum of 15 minutes for each presentation.
  2. In the case of panels where four papers are to be presented, presentations should not last longer than 12 minutes.
  3. The discussant should take up to 15 minutes to outline their comments on all papers.

Do you provide accomodation for the conference?

We have not organised specific accommodation in local hotels for the conference, due to the variety and number of needs apparent. However, we have provided some links to online hotel booking sites in the 'Brussels Info' on this conference website. The conference dinner will take place in the Stanhope Hotel.

When should I submit my paper?

We expect you to upload a copy of your paper on the conference management platform by 9 May 2014. This gives the chair and discussant in your panel sufficient time to read your paper. The paper should be in PDF format, and no larger than 10MB. Other formats will not be accepted by the website. There are no specific formatting or style guidelines, but we recommend that your paper does not exceed 6000 words in length.