IES Annual Report 2017 released


Following the University Council’s approval on 30 March 2018, the Annual Report 2017 of the IES is now available online. In its 15th anniversary year, the IES organised 33 public events, awarded 4 PhDs (bringing the total of PhDs awarded by the institute to 32), produced 117 publications, of which 24 peer-reviewed articles, and 25 book chapters, and collected 4 academic awards. Additionally, the IES also internally published 7 policy briefs, 2 policy papers and 7 working papers. Our Institute now counts 106 people or 48.9 full-time equivalents. This year, we welcomed 22 new people (16 to the IES proper, and 6 in collaboration with UNU-CRIS) while 8 people left the Institute. In 2017, IES scholars took part in a total of 129 media appearances - that's on average about one every three days. Last year, the Institute was particularly successful in obtaining externally funded projects. At the end of the year, no less than 35 external projects were conducted by IES scholars, whereas an additional 14 projects were funded through the own budget (in 2016, these figures were 31 and 11 respectively). With a project income of 1.4 million EUR, the Institute could raise its total external income (including tuition fees, non-governmental subsidies and gifts) to well above the Government's subsidy. Today, 53% of the Institute's income is generated from non-governmental funding. The Institute's leading advanced Master programmes also deliberated 42 new graduates that now will obtain life membership to our 1250+ alumni group. The IES Annual Report is also available in Dutch.