Autumn Lecture Series 2013

EU Economic Law in a Time of Crisis

Introduction - EU Economic Law in a Time of Crisis

Over a number of years already, the European economies have been weathering an unprecedented crisis. What seemingly started as a credit crunch and sovereign debt crises has grown into a political litmus test on the entire Union.

While the European Union is an economic and political integration project at its core, it is also characterized by a strong adherence to the rule of law. Various types of economic law, in particular, have had a central role in deepening and broadening European integration. Is the current crisis a testimony that also the legal frameworks have now reached their limits? Is European economic law still capable of providing further impetus, of assisting in solving the current crisis – or are its shortcomings rather to blame for the grave situation?

The objective of the IES 2013 Autumn Lecture Series is to analyze the interplay between the law, the economy and the politics, and to focus the discussion on a time of crisis. The lectures will provide insights on the interactions by cutting across key areas of EU economic law; measures to tighten financial regulation and budgetary control, potential flexibilities in the fields of state aid and anti-trust law, and legislative packages to further develop the internal market, for example. A vast number of activities in law have occurred lately, during the crisis. Considering that the success in solving the crisis has been quite moderate so far, however, is economic law proving to be an insufficient tool? Does it only replicate, or even duplicate, the root causes of the crisis, including national protectionism and structural inflexibilities. Can it sufficiently reconcile the non-economic, social aspects of the crisis?

The IES 2013 Autumn Lecture Series will tackle the questions surrounding the role of law in times of economic and political crisis through a programme of nine panel sessions, each given by top experts in the respective fields.



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