Who is Who at IES?

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Researcher Migration, Diversity and Justice
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Research Professor Migration and Diversity
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Executive Director
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Senior Research Fellow
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Researcher - EDGE Project
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Doctoral Researcher - EDGE Project
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Post-doctoral researcher - EDGE project
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FWO PhD Fellow
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Researcher Environment and Sustainable Development
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Programme Director, Senior Research Fellow
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Researcher (Privacy & Data Protection)
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Research Professor, European Foreign & Security Policy
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Postdoctoral research fellow
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Senior Research Fellow Migration and Diversity
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Management Assistant & Projects
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PhD Researcher
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PhD Researcher
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Acting Academic Director
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Researcher European Economic Governance
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PhD Researcher - Educational Development Unit
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PhD Researcher - European Foreign and Security Policy
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Academic Director
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Researcher - Educational Development Unit
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Researcher Environment and Sustainable Development
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PhD Researcher - Environment and Sustainable Development
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Research Professor Migration and Diversity
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Postdoctoral Researcher
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Research Professor European Foreign & Security Policy
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Human Resources and Finances
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Researcher Environment and Sustainable Development
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Educational Programmes
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Researcher Migration and Diversity
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PILC Secretariat
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IES Secretariat
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PhD researcher
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Doctoral Researcher