eCoherence - A Project on Value Reconciliation in Economic Law

Ecoherence is a research project the EEG cluster collaborates on with the IES’s international academic partner University of Turku (Finland). With funding from the Academy of Finland, Ecoherence will create extensive mobility and intensive research cooperation between the IES and the faculty of law in Turku in the area of “value reconciliation”. Value reconciliation refers to the process of combining economic and non-economic values in international, EU and national decision-making.

The Project will more specifically investigate value reconciliation in four traditional areas of economic law (trade, competition, intellectual property and investment) and their intersections with two areas with significant non-economic values (environmental protection (e.g. biofuels) and the Information Society (e.g. online expression)). Ecoherence consists of 8 work packages to be executed from 1.1.2014 onwards. The Project fosters an environment where the members engage in the development and criticism of each other’s work across the boundaries of disciplines and countries. Each work package has been tailored to have at least one senior, post-doc and PhD researcher, and to include members from Turku and Brussels. From the side of the IES, the Project will be managed by its initiator, IES Senior Fellow Harri Kalimo. Other team members from the IES include Sebastian Oberthür, Claire Dupont, Max Jansson, Marie Lamensch, Trisha Meyer, Byron Maniatis, and Ben van Rompuy. Professors Jukka Mähönen and Tuomas Mylly are the Project coordinators in Turku.

Ecoherence aims to make an impact both in science and in practice. It will produce, for example, a repository and an analytical framework of current value conflict reconciliation mechanisms. It will also give practical suggestions to enable decision makers in the judiciary and public administration to assess mechanisms and their (in)appropriateness for improving systemic coherence in value conflict reconciliation.

To visit the project home page hosted by the University of Turku, please click here.