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Richard Lewis
15 Apr 2017
Alexander Mattelaer
14 Apr 2017
Leo Van Hove
6 Apr 2017
Leo Van Hove
5 Apr 2017

IES Assistant Director Briefs the Belgian Parliament

H40 a Belgian Armed Forces Agusta A-109HA of 18 Squadron (3937605586)

On 21 January 2015 IES Assistant Director Alexander Mattelaer was invited to provide evidence in a public hearing organised by the Defence Committee of the Belgian Parliament. This hearing was part of a series devoted to the future of the Belgian armed forces.

Paris Climate Agreement 2015 – EU needs to ensure ‘signal’ and ‘direction’

Publication Date: 

Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change are expected to agree on a new international

Financing European Defence: Time to Call the European Investment Bank?

Wed, 2014-12-31

Financing research and development programmes have never been more expensive in Europe. Defence budgets are on the wane, international competition is fierce and high-end technologies are increasingly expensive. Europe’s defence-industrial base is under significant strain, and options are needed to fund elements of a sector that is still crucial to Europe’s security and industry. This Policy Brief argues that the European Investment Bank could play a much greater role in Europe’s defence sector.

Feasibility Study on Using Automated Technologies to Support Policy-making

The European Commission published a feasibility study on the technological options and the possible “governance framework” necessary for the deployment and management of the Global Internet Policy Observatory.

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