Governing Diversity in Europe: Colour-blind vs. Colour-conscious Policymaking in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

This PhD project explores how migration related diversity is governed within European societies through public policies. The project focuses on policies in the fields of education and employment in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. By means of critical frame analysis, the first part of the research analyses the different framings of migration related diversity as a policy problem in the cases under analysis and shows how these policy frames can help explain policy responses. This part concentrates in particular on the role of ethnic and racial categories in the policy process and how the recognition or dismissal of such categories result in ‘colour-conscious’ and ‘colour-blind’ policy frames. The second part of the research adopts a qualitative comparative analysis and aims to explain differences and similarities in trends towards certain policy frames between the different countries and policy fields. In this way, the project can provide new insights into current policy trends as regards the governance of diversity in Europe.